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Happy Eid


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Yay I’m gonna start posting blogs now. So what am I gonna post? Since this is mostly my college blog, I’m gonna post everything that’s related to college. Now I’m in semester 4, and I don’t want to start blogging for semester 4 stuff. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna slowly post stuff from my main blog that I’ve blogged about before, including from semester 1, so it’s just something like compiling them and posting them again in this blog.

Okay, so let’s start blogging!

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First Post

Hi :)
This is my first entry for this site. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been around to quickly finish and launch this site. Anyway, this is my college portfolio site and photoblog. So that means all works relating to college stuff will be in this site as my portfolio. And photos I’ve done will also be in this site.. well actually in my new photo gallery which I’ll announce the address soon.

I’m gonna try my best to finish this site asap while I”m still on a break. Next week college starts again and I haven’t done my stuff. Oh well better get going.

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