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Still in Ipoh

Because I had bad stomach ache, I didn’t go back to KL yesterday, which means I had to skip both Monday classes.

I feel bad missing the class. I really thought I’d have perfect attendance this semester. Oh well. I text messaged my friend and asked her if she could see my marks for the analysis of “Ladri di Biciclette” that we did before the holiday and she said I got 10/10. Not sure if she saw it correctly, but if I did get it, yay, if not then bummer… if I did, then too bad I wasn’t there to see it myself argh.

I was supposed to submit my assignment for animation 2… I hope Mr Terry won’t penalize me.

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German Expressionism

Class was looooong… it’s because I haven’t been getting enough sleep but class was quite interesting. We discussed about THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI and the German expressionism. I find it all to be very interesting. And apparently Effendy thought I suggested that ‘boring’ movie too, lol. Oh we got back the result of our analysis on the movie and grrrrrrr! I got 9/10. Just one point less from the full mark! Ka Mun got 10/10 and I was sooooooo jealous.

3D is getting more complicated. This weekend I’ll do the body, and on Monday I”ll show to Mr Terry and see what needs fixing and by next Thursday I have to submit it. I’m soooo glad I don’t have lots of assignment for FILM APPRECIATION class except study about films so I can at least concentrate on 3D. If not I’d be soooo stressed with trying to rush with everything in just 7 weeks.

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New Semester

I finally got around 2 hours-ish nap after I went back from college. Feels better now but I’m still tired. College went well today! My morning class is Film Appreciation with Miss Shana and she’s so cute with a really cute haircut and she seems nice so far. As usual, since the class combines video & animation students and mass comm students.. my intake plus other intakes (as in my juniors too) so it’s crowded. We just talked about the class, our fave movies and all.. I said my fave movie is Night of the Living Dead .. I have a lot but I just picked one lol I couldn’t even think of a fictional character that I like…urgh. And I said I recommend ppl to watch Motorama cuz it’s sort of a surreal movie like David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

We’re gonna be watching movies! But damn, we have lots to study and write, plus there’s written exam! Argh, my first written exam :( As someone put it, it’s a literature class minus the books plus the movies. It’s mostly gonna be old black & white movies cuz as the class is named, we have to ‘appreciate movies‘. I like black & white movies XD And we’d be watching The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari yay:D And then we vote what movies we wanna watch in musical, crime & western genre… oh I suggested THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! Everyone voted for that so yeaaaaaaaahhhh I’d be doing the time warp in class whooo hoooo..!

Faculty briefing was eh… what can I say.. it’s the same thing every new semester.. Luckily Joe sat next to me and we just talked so I wasn’t bored to death. If not, I’d be alone all sleepy, tired and fucking bored. There was no one else I know in my course (we had to sit according to our major) there. And Joe was telling like funny stories and I was laughing so time went by quick.

Oh btw, I only have 2 subjects this semester. Here’s my timetable:

Monday (9am – 12pm) Film Appreciation ,   (2pm – 5pm) Animation 2
Tuesday : FREE!
Wednesday : FREE!
Thursday (2pm – 5pm) Animation 2
Friday (9am – 12pm) Film Appreciation

Less stress, only 2 subjects, 7 weeks.. :) No filming thank god. No group project thank god.

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