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Semester 4 Result!

I got my result!!

Okay.. I’m happy with it yet also disappointed, lol. Happy that I don’t have any ugly C’s..but unhappy that I didn’t get all A’s. Oh well, you can’t be too perfect XD But I did bounce back from my horrible near-fail experience in semester 3 :D Here’s my result:

Presentation Skills : B+
Black & White Photography : B-
Animation 1 : A
Video Production 1 : A-
Script Writing : A-

GPA: 3.48

OMG totally unexpected!

Presentation Skills – Okay, I was hoping for an A for this but I got B+ and Ms Jenny was giving me the result today and I was whining, asking her why she gave me only a B+ and she was like, I should be glad cuz she failed a lot of people..ack. At first she was scaring me when I reached the room, lol.. I thought I did bad and Ms Jenny reminded me that in semester 3 after all the troubles I had, I did promise them I’d bounce back and get at least a 3.50 GPA for the next semester so I was very disappointed I’m only 0.02 points away from getting that. :( :( Only 0.02 points away!! ARRRRGH

Black & White Photography – Hmm Mr Kelvin is extremely nice yet he’s the toughest to please lol Even for last semester, he gave most of us a B.. and he did it again this semester for me.  Oh well. Haha It was fun though doing all those developing black and white photos. I didn’t do well in printing the pics cuz I keep getting bugged by the guys haha.. plus I was rushing cuz I wanted to finish it before 8 PM.. I hate being at college after 6 pm cuz it’s spooky..

Animation 1 – So Mr Terry was right when he told me and Jackie we got A.. :D I was kinda expecting the A anyway cuz I worked so hard to research and do the final project which was the 3D commercial logo animation.. and my hard work has been paid off with that A :D What a relief!

Video Production 1UNEXPECTED! My group did not do well in the creative stage, hell, we didn’t have much to produce during the presentation unlike the other group. I still remember when Eddie said something like we pretty much fucked the presentation/creative stage and on the verge of failing AGAIN.. and our only chance to save us from failing is that we’d do extremely well during production and post-production.. from that point I pretty much said we’re fucked. I thought even if we do good in the final thing, we’d prolly get just B’s or C’s.. but I still worked my ass off just to save me from failing, so that was unexpected.. thanks Eddie XD I saw Andrea’s (she’s in the other group) result, and she got A- too for their redbull ad.

Script Writing – Even more UNEXPECTED! Okay, I did the best I could for this class. I never failed to produce anything Eddie asked us to show.. whether it’s the pitching, the treatment, the draft etc and I was doing well until the final submission day, lol. It’s because the night before I was doing developing photo you see until 8 pm, and I only reached home at 10 pm. Then the next day I had to cut those photos and mounting board and frame them. So I didn’t have time to do the script. So I asked Eddie if I could submit the next day.. he even asked what went wrong cuz I was doing fine before this lol So he gave me until midnight to email him the script or I’d lose marks.. but I procrastinated and stayed in college for my junior’s fundamental of direction final assessment cuz I wanted to see their film.. and I only started writing my script after midnight, after hours of fighting writer’s block lol My brain only works during the night. I finally finished it at 5 am, emailed it to him and later that day went with Jackie and Ito to bind the script and submitted it at 4 pm. Hehe. So the A- was unexpected.. plus I didn’t think I did good anyway, rushing the story and all…plus doing it after midnight and I was sleepy as hell lol. I thought I prolly wrote crap.

Sorry for the long story lol. After I got the result, Ka Mun and Yee Sing came to pick up their result and I ended up staying there and hanging out with them for a while whining and being annoying with our result lol. Ka Mun has so much pressure on her. She got 3.75 GPA and I was like extremely jealous at her but I found out she needs to maintain at least 3.70 GPA every semester or she’ll lose her scholarship. Wow. I could never handle that extreme pressure. Even my PTPTN loan needs just at least 2.0 GPA minimum every semester hehe.

Well overall, I”m still quite happy with my result. I did work extremely hard so yeah. Fuuhh. Just this semester and then I’m free for a 1 1/2 months.. yay..

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Sem 4 is over!

Semester 4 is officially over!! I’m freeeee!…. for a week.
Oh huge burden has been lifted.

I submitted my last Animation 1 final assignment today.. thank god 3Ds Max finished rendering just in time… I was so scared I couldn’t make it.

My semester 4 went better than I expected. Sure, it has been stressful.. there was conflicts etc etc but that’s normal and there was nothing extreme.. and I didn’t whine as much as I did before, lol. Even Eddie agreed. Unfortunately this is the last semester for my lecturer Mr Eddie. Ya know, he’s the only lecturer that has seen the vulnerable side of me last semester? O.o I hope the new lecturer will be ok and won’t make my next semester a living hell. Next semester will be a short semester, and I’ll be taking only 2 subjects, FILM APPRECIATION and ANIMATION 2. Plus, Ramadhan month will start next week…argh college during fasting month would be torture!

So here’s what I think about semester 4.

Presentation Skills
At first, the thought of having a class with Ms Jenny is scary, lol. Honestly. Not saying she’s bad or scary or anything, just that I was scared I wouldn’t be able to make it through. I’ve never had class with her, and since I fucked up last semester, I’ve seen her super strict and scary side. I was scared I won’t be able to present good and she’d be disappointed or something. And the thought of having group presentation on most of presentations, and the fact that we have to change group members on each presentation is scary since the class has July batch students from all courses. But everything went ok. I was absent on couple of classes, so I hope that won’t affect my marks that much.

Black & White Photography
Ahhh one of the ‘fun’ classes. It was fun developing black and white pictures manually! I’ve always wondered how they develop photos and wanted to do learn it and I’ve finally experienced it myself. Last Monday, after the assessment, I went to develop the remaining photos I had.. only me and Ying were girls.. the rest were all guys. Omg. It was CHAOTIC lol. I was being bullied by the guys so bad, LOL. Good kind of bullying though. Especially Min and Nik and this guy whose name I’ve forgotten (sorry) I wanted to finish my photos as fast as possible and they keep delaying me, lol. They keep wanting me to teach them how to do them. Plus they keep teasing me and screaming my name for fun, lol. At least they amused me, and my stress was lessen a lot. I went back at 7.30 pm but then it started raining heavily. :( I couldn’t go home until 9 pm to do my script :( I had to wait at a kopitiam (restaurant). Luckily there was free wi-fi and I brought my laptop.

Video Production 1
Ahhh… the most stressful one. lol. This is the only class that started well with lots of students, but ended up having only few students at the end. My group was the most unfortunate. Started out with 8 members, one never showed up, down to 7… then one by one had to defer semester. :( Shooting was the most tiring. We should have gone with the soft drinks idea, because the jeans commercial is HARD. I’ll write in a new post on how my project went, plus I’ll post the advertisement that we did. But during the final assessment, it was a relief that they all liked the advertisement so it was well worth the stress and pain and shit.

This class started out less stressful at first, then quite free but stressful at the last minute.. but I had fun too creating my own movie script lol. I couldn’t submit on Tuesday because I was rushing to finish my photography, but I told Eddie I’d finish it and email him the soft copy by Tuesday night but unfortunately I could only manage to finish my script at 5 am :( I hope he won’t minus my mark. The next day it was tiring cuz I waited for Jackie to finish his script and print it…then me, him and Ito went to the shop to bind it…went here and there then back at college etc… went to college at 11 am and went back at 5 pm thus fucking up my plan to do animation.

Animation 1
I finally learned 3Ds Max! I’ve grown to love that software.. I want to master it but 3D is so complicated :( I’ve been torturing my brain for this subject, lol. I couldn’t finish my last project last night cuz I was soooooo friggin tired and my brain just wouldn’t work x.x I fell asleep and woke up at 11 am…I was rushing to finish the animation and shit and thank god it finished rendering before 5 pm. Didn’t turn out as I had planned it but it’s not so bad either. I’ll post the video later and pictures.

In fact, I’ll make new posts for each subjects and post my works. Um maybe I’ll finish my college blog and post it there.

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Last Presentation Skills

My last Presentation Skills class…   was a job interview presentation. My group was me, Az, Bryan, Shah and Kathy. Our ‘job’ that we’re supposed to be applying is “Adhesives Compartmentalist” lol. The job has something to do with cello tape that has been packed into sixes, and we have to rewrap them into two. lol. Interesting huh?

The 3rd group which is Sherra’s group has a job called “Blood Bank Packaging Clerk” or something..arrrrghhh that’s so my topic! The job requires you to stay up all night and be transferred to Transylvania, haha. That job is like perfect for me, argh if only my group is a turn too late, I could have done a better presentation cuz come on, I like vampires, I like blood, I’m a night owl/vampire and I like Transylvania! Oh well.

Presentation skills class was easy… I kinda like impromptu presentations better cuz you don’t have to prepare anything.

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