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A Bout De Souffle

We watched A BOUT DE SOUFFLE / Breathless in class on Friday. I tried watching it twice the night before but I fell asleep both time. The movie is ok, it’s not that bad.. it’s just that it’s just full of looooooooong talk.

Then we learned about French New Wave. Most noticeable is the jump cuts that they use in the movie. I don’t really prefer it in movies as they don’t really make sense.. I do however like it if it’s used as an effect for music video or something. Spent too much time on the 2 questions though, one which is based on the text book and I can barely read the text book because it’s pages of nothing but text on cinema history.

I am however going to do extra assignment for the 5% extra credit. Now I have to choose a movie for the assignment.. hmm what movie could be interesting?

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Holiday is almost over and I haven’t done my assignments yet. I’m supposed to be doing animation for my 3D.. and study… blah. I received my text book before the holiday but holy shit, the text is so friggin small, you need to either squint or use a magnifying glass to read… besides there’s way too much to read, it hurts my eyes.

I hope I don’t have to memorize the whole damn thing for the exam, or I’m dead.

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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

We watched THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI yesterday in class, lol. That was surprising, I thought we were gonna watch another movie. It was an interesting movie… pretty straightforward and at times quite confusing but hey, most of silent films are confusing… unfortunately, everyone was bored to death, lol. But we all had to keep watching cuz we have to write analysis at the end of movie. Apparently Jackie and Ito (not sure who else) thought I suggested that movie, lol. No, I suggested ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW which will be screened at the end of October. I wonder if I could control myself from doing the time warp.

After that we all went to this talk. A university is having a film making contest and I”m very interested to enter… so is Ito.. I suggested we send our Levi’s commercial, and maybe I”m gonna re-edit our DP reel and send it in.. we’ll see.. have to ask Esther and Haze if it’s ok. Would be great if they still have the footage.

Then I went to return my book that I borrowed from the library. You know, the librarian is such an ass? He promised he would not count one day, and then denied it yesterday.. we were arguing cuz I was sooooo pissed cuz I know I was right. It’s not the matter of money, it’s the matter of dignity cuz I KNOW I WAS RIGHT. I made him count the days again.. I said after independence day was a public holiday and oh noooo.. he said noooooo… he fucking denied it when 10 minutes later, after recounting and rechecking the calendar, he said “Oh Monday was a holiday”… so I said THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING! And you know what he said? “You said public holiday, not day off”… wtf? Isn’t that the same meaning????? I hate dealing with stupid people. At last he gave me 2 bucks off..making it RM24… fucking expensive. Sure, Segi University College has a policy of borrowing red tag book for a day but imagine this – that red tag book is 700 pages thick! How in the fucking hell can you read a book that thick in one day??? If you’re a day late, it’s 2 bucks fine…. WHAT THE FUCK. I understand the book needs to be at the library cuz it’s the only copy but my question is – ONLY ONE COPY? Isn’t it supposed to be a library? Why can’t they buy many copies so we can borrow and study it? That’s fucking stupid.

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SEGi College Official Opening Ceremony

from FEBRUARY 19th 2008


Yesterday was wow… I had a very long day at school. You see, yesterday was the official opening ceremony for my college… so the prime minister was invited. We had to stay at school until he’s done. I had class in the morning so I went to school at 9 am…OH MY GOD. They blocked half of the parking spots I don’t know for what, so by the time I arrived, there was no parking spots left except for outside… I asked the guard if I could park beside the wall he said no, and asked me to park outside. NO WAY. I’m gonna put my laptop inside the car, I can’t leave it under hot sun. So lucky there’s one tiny space and he let me park there. Then with my heavy bag and laptop and 30 mins late, I rushed up to 2nd floor for class and because I parked on the other end of building I had to walk a very long way.

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Sweet Bitter Valentine

This was during Valentine’s Day earlier this year. The student leaders were selling stuff. My group sold Chocolate fondue.

Woke up early, worried about my swollen eyes but it reduced a bit before I left for school.. went straight to Esther’s hostel room to help her with the fruits. Luckily, Mr Eddie was on MC and canceled class on that day so no worrying about skipping class! YAY! So now picture time!


We finished cutting up the fruits and made the samples on the stick… just waiting to melt the chocolate then we’re ready to go!

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Color Wheel

From July 17th 2007


Class was fun today hehe. Well it’s so much better than being in business school, obviously. No boring lecture, copying endless notes, trying to fucking understand and memorize everything… all we did in class today was just …paint. Yay for painting. :D Next class, painting stone! Sherra already finished hers O.O Damn that girl is fast. Then after that they’ve set up desks to introduce clubs for us to join… I joined Drama & Dance Club and Malay Cultural Club or something… Didnt get much time to look at other clubs. I signed up for this campus thingy and got a free campusplus magazine and a goodie bag … and free energy drink :D


…..yayyy I finished my color wheel thingy.. hehe Kathy helped me with the measurement and stuff cuz I’m dumb :P LOL. At least it doesn’t look like a piece of crap that I did before it.. Hmmm colors look weird on cam though.. :P Argh I need to do photography assignment.

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Warm & Cool Colors

Ahh one of my favorite classes, Drawing Fundamental with the coolest lecturer ever, Mr. Nicsson! :D Everybody loves him, lol. Too bad he only teaches certain subjects for first and second semesters. Here’s my post from JULY 14th 2007

It was interesting to know what we’d be doing in the class, hehe.. next week painting stone! O.O; This week, we had to do 2 checkered squares and color it in for basic warm and cool color tones… here’s what I did:


That’s what I did in class.. the left one is half finished, lol… it seriously sucks… and I’m not satisfied with it. So I did new ones at home yesterday and today.. and here’s how it turned out:


Still not the best, but at least it’s better than above I think, and I’m quite satisfied with it , hehehehehe…. we have to cut out those squares and paste it in a black book (like a sketch book) later.

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First Fundamental Photography


Yesterday was my first class… Fundamental Photography and the lecturer, a malay guy, En Fauzi, OMG he’s like so…ummm LOL. The way he talks all soft, slow with lots of uhhh and ummm because I don’t think he’s very fluent in English, and with heavy malanglish accent (the one I can’t stand) …it was ummm…lol… if it wasn’t for the subject being interesting (I like photography) I would have fallen asleep…plus the room was way too cold. I arrived late LOL. 5 minutes late because I got lost, and 5 minutes spent standing outside the room contemplating if I should go in or not, LOL. I freaked out. There was this guy who also got lost, I think an international student of a different course asking me what course I was taking cuz he’s lost too lol.. he told me just to go into the class.. Luckily when I got in, there was an empty seat at the front so I just sat there… got to know Sierra and Melissa.

After class is over, there was some kind of contest going on… from L’oreal I think.. they gave free sample of foundation? Then fill a form..if I win, I could win Rm10,000 …OOOO. I wrote stupid answers though…blah.


At least I got the free sample above.. 3 of them :P Went to see Ms Fiona and she wanted some proof so I don’t have to take Islamic Studies cuz I’ve taken it before and she wanted one with college’s letterhead x.x So later today I have to go to college BLAAAHHH.

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A Year Later

Wow, it’s July 7th and guess what? It’s been a year today that I’ve been at SEGi..! I entered July 7th last year and since today is July 7th, why not I blog about my very first day at SEGi College… it was special because we were the first batch to enter and attend the first orientation day. So I’ll sorta copy my story and photos from my main blog.

I was completely clueless  at first on where to go and stuff. I was told to pay for remaining fees and I was like wtf? Then I asked again and oh, if you’re asking for PTPTN loan you don’t have to, phew. Then we got a free bag with goodies inside! I was like whoa seriously? Some got a baby blue-ish backpack… I got a gray-green sling bag! Bigger than the backpack.. some got gray-red sling back and it looks nice… lol, wish I had gotten that one but oh well.. mine’s not bad.. as long as it’s not a backpack :P


Yay…… I was thinking of buying a bag before but phew, thank goodness I didn’t :D Here are the stuff inside the bag that I got:


Facial cleanser from Aiken, woot… hehe


This is some soap I think… o.o;


Notebook yay from Hotlink (my cellphone line provider) Now I could use this for notes and stuff in class


Student handbook…


Welcome to Malaysia…! lol… some tourism news on places to go and see in Malaysia.. prolly this is for international students.


City map of KL! Hehehehehehe… oh you can see my good comp in there hehe :P

So that’s it. Then when done, someone was nice enough to show me where the multipurpose hall is for the briefing and stuff… Blah. I felt so alone, lol. Everyone is either with a friend, a group of friends or making new ones… :( I was tired, cranky so didn’t feel like talking to anybody lol. After waiting for like 1 hour+ finally they started the goddamn thing. It was the normal stuff on college, etc …. then we had a break and they had refreshments for us…the sandwiches were good (3 kinds I think? Egg, Tuna and cheese) and coffee / tea… I was so hungry lol.

After the 15 mins break, they told us people from 8tv were there (8tv is one of malaysia’s private tv channel) and Adam…no idea who Adam was, prolly 8tv’s host? I don’t watch 8tv, lol… but he’s cute! Should’ve taken a pic. He was there to give us tickets to their wet & wild party at Sunway Lagoon.. unlimited free tickets.. I got two just because I wanna go upclose to see Adam.. not that I’m gonna use it cuz I have nobody to go with.. lol.


Damn I wanted to go :( Lots of good local celebs will be there :( Oh well. Then more briefing … and fashion show.. LOL.



Sorry the pic are dark.. they turned off the lights for the slides and forgot to turn it back on, lol. It was actually a fashion show by the student council members, briefing us on what to wear and what we shouldn’t wear…


Then at 12pm we had to do this game ala THE AMAZING RACE. Omg. We have to find a partner and I was like OH FUCK. So I was just sitting there going Urrrrghhhh until someone comes up to me asking if I’m looking for a partner.. her friend is looking for one.. so I said ok. She’s this indian girl who is taking a degree in human resource if i’m not mistaken? We were given 20 questions and stuff to do so we have to answer all and get 5 stamps in order to get food, LOL. I told you before how huge that college is right? So to go round and round and round up and down up and down was not something I had in mind for 2 goddamn hours in FUCKING HEELS and HEAT. Omg that girl is so fast and active, I couldn’t catch up! She was like going up and down again and again. Why not just stick to one place, answer all questions relating to that place THEN move on to another instead of going back and forth for so many times??? GEEZ.

Some questions were ridiculous. Like how deep is the swimming pool? License plate number for a lecturer? Take pictures of lectures and signatures… how many blocks and rooms in the hostel… like goddamn. Her friend cheated and won first place. They got a huge hamper prize :( But the food is ok.. the drink not enough and I was so friggin thirsty…


No fair that the ones cheating got the biggest prize. That guy, the emcee, Patrick is cool and funny.

My shoe was rubbing my skin raw… (the bone part just a bit from my toe) and I didn’t realize it was like scraping my skin so bad till there was a hole there like omg. It hurts like a goddamn son of a bitch. Now I can’t even walk or wear shoes and even putting bandaid hurts it.. let alone having a drip of water on it.. omg. So fucking painful. Like fucking ouch. [A year later = I never recovered from it, the wound has left me scarred on my foot]

Then a little bit more briefing… lol Captain Rosli who is in charge of building maintenance and security scared me cuz he was sorta strict, lol. He’s the head of maintenance and security there.. during the game we had to get his signature, but he seemed friendly lol. Then at around 3 or 4 pm-ish we have separate course briefing. Got my timetable, filled form etc.. it was sooo boring. Oh, semester 1 is only for 7 weeks… we’d be having our exams in September..whoa that fast…hmm. I wanted to go home badly cuz seriously, didn’t know it’ll take the whole day. But at almost the end, Ms Fiona showed us some videos done by the video and animation graduates and LMAO they were so funny… but too bad we couldn’t see ‘em all cuz we wanted to go home as it was 5 pm :( I was so dead and in pain when I got home lol.


Some of the people at the orientation.

Come to think about it, I don’t think current orientation nowadays are the same like I had last year… I don’t think they have the amazing race type of games and shit.. I don’t think they have refreshments either since cafe is opened now. Hmm.

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