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A Bout De Souffle

We watched A BOUT DE SOUFFLE / Breathless in class on Friday. I tried watching it twice the night before but I fell asleep both time. The movie is ok, it’s not that bad.. it’s just that it’s just full of looooooooong talk.

Then we learned about French New Wave. Most noticeable is the jump cuts that they use in the movie. I don’t really prefer it in movies as they don’t really make sense.. I do however like it if it’s used as an effect for music video or something. Spent too much time on the 2 questions though, one which is based on the text book and I can barely read the text book because it’s pages of nothing but text on cinema history.

I am however going to do extra assignment for the 5% extra credit. Now I have to choose a movie for the assignment.. hmm what movie could be interesting?

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Still in Ipoh

Because I had bad stomach ache, I didn’t go back to KL yesterday, which means I had to skip both Monday classes.

I feel bad missing the class. I really thought I’d have perfect attendance this semester. Oh well. I text messaged my friend and asked her if she could see my marks for the analysis of “Ladri di Biciclette” that we did before the holiday and she said I got 10/10. Not sure if she saw it correctly, but if I did get it, yay, if not then bummer… if I did, then too bad I wasn’t there to see it myself argh.

I was supposed to submit my assignment for animation 2… I hope Mr Terry won’t penalize me.

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Ladri di Biciclete

We watched LADRI DI BICICLETTE in class today, which I have already seen. I spent the whole night and morning watching and reading about it, analysing it so I”d be prepared in class. The reason is that I hate thinking when my brain is not working becuase I’m sleepy. So to avoid submitting blank paper, I prepare myself and understands the movie before class so I don’t have to think on the spot like I did with THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI. Received our text book today. Blah. Too much to study. I also decided to write on PLANET TERROR for the assignment.. but I also wanted Face/Off but I can’t choose two. Ms Shana commented that I should stick to analyzing one or two aspects of the movie… so I’m gonna pick cinematography/editing and script..

I borrowed two books on cooking, yay.

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Battleship Potemkin

Last Friday, we watched BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN in class… as usual, almost everyone hated the silent film, lol. Early that morning, I watched the movie and did a research for it so I’d be prepared for class and at first, I didn’t think I’d like the movie cuz it’s realated to battles, politics etc but turns out I liked it. It’s quite disturbing though, the part of Odessa Steps.. I don’t know, there’s something about it that disturbs me. Hated the ending though. I was like EH? Plus the choppy editing and Eisenstein’s belief in non-continuity makes the movie a bit confusing but I do like movie that is open for interpretation. So today in class we discussed Soviet Montage and felt like history class cuz we have to know about Tsar and the Tsarist regime and all. Same with before when we learn about German expressionism. My movie analysis score was 8/10 .. blah, a point lower than the first one for Dr. Caligari but Ms Shana did say I have the best interpretation of an image, lol. No comment.

I finally finished downloading LADRI DI BICICLETTE (The bicycle thief/thieves) which is supposed to be shown this friday in class.. wow… very touching and depressing movie :( I loved it though. You can see a very strong bond of father and son in it… and I love watching movies with realism, as in I could really see what Rome was like in the 1940’s and the environment of the post-war era. Heh, never thought I could be watching movements type movies and actually liking it. But next week is holiday (i hope for monday class too) so we’d be studying about Italian Neo-realism after Eid celebration. I’ve been wikipedia’ing about neo-realism and it’s much more interesting than soviet montage. Not sure how much I have to read up about WWII in Italy and the post-war story for exam… I hate studying, memorizing and written exams.. argh :(


Bourgeoisie – the rich
Proletariat – the poor

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German Expressionism

Class was looooong… it’s because I haven’t been getting enough sleep but class was quite interesting. We discussed about THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI and the German expressionism. I find it all to be very interesting. And apparently Effendy thought I suggested that ‘boring’ movie too, lol. Oh we got back the result of our analysis on the movie and grrrrrrr! I got 9/10. Just one point less from the full mark! Ka Mun got 10/10 and I was sooooooo jealous.

3D is getting more complicated. This weekend I’ll do the body, and on Monday I”ll show to Mr Terry and see what needs fixing and by next Thursday I have to submit it. I’m soooo glad I don’t have lots of assignment for FILM APPRECIATION class except study about films so I can at least concentrate on 3D. If not I’d be soooo stressed with trying to rush with everything in just 7 weeks.

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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

We watched THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI yesterday in class, lol. That was surprising, I thought we were gonna watch another movie. It was an interesting movie… pretty straightforward and at times quite confusing but hey, most of silent films are confusing… unfortunately, everyone was bored to death, lol. But we all had to keep watching cuz we have to write analysis at the end of movie. Apparently Jackie and Ito (not sure who else) thought I suggested that movie, lol. No, I suggested ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW which will be screened at the end of October. I wonder if I could control myself from doing the time warp.

After that we all went to this talk. A university is having a film making contest and I”m very interested to enter… so is Ito.. I suggested we send our Levi’s commercial, and maybe I”m gonna re-edit our DP reel and send it in.. we’ll see.. have to ask Esther and Haze if it’s ok. Would be great if they still have the footage.

Then I went to return my book that I borrowed from the library. You know, the librarian is such an ass? He promised he would not count one day, and then denied it yesterday.. we were arguing cuz I was sooooo pissed cuz I know I was right. It’s not the matter of money, it’s the matter of dignity cuz I KNOW I WAS RIGHT. I made him count the days again.. I said after independence day was a public holiday and oh noooo.. he said noooooo… he fucking denied it when 10 minutes later, after recounting and rechecking the calendar, he said “Oh Monday was a holiday”… so I said THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING! And you know what he said? “You said public holiday, not day off”… wtf? Isn’t that the same meaning????? I hate dealing with stupid people. At last he gave me 2 bucks off..making it RM24… fucking expensive. Sure, Segi University College has a policy of borrowing red tag book for a day but imagine this – that red tag book is 700 pages thick! How in the fucking hell can you read a book that thick in one day??? If you’re a day late, it’s 2 bucks fine…. WHAT THE FUCK. I understand the book needs to be at the library cuz it’s the only copy but my question is – ONLY ONE COPY? Isn’t it supposed to be a library? Why can’t they buy many copies so we can borrow and study it? That’s fucking stupid.

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New Semester

I finally got around 2 hours-ish nap after I went back from college. Feels better now but I’m still tired. College went well today! My morning class is Film Appreciation with Miss Shana and she’s so cute with a really cute haircut and she seems nice so far. As usual, since the class combines video & animation students and mass comm students.. my intake plus other intakes (as in my juniors too) so it’s crowded. We just talked about the class, our fave movies and all.. I said my fave movie is Night of the Living Dead .. I have a lot but I just picked one lol I couldn’t even think of a fictional character that I like…urgh. And I said I recommend ppl to watch Motorama cuz it’s sort of a surreal movie like David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

We’re gonna be watching movies! But damn, we have lots to study and write, plus there’s written exam! Argh, my first written exam :( As someone put it, it’s a literature class minus the books plus the movies. It’s mostly gonna be old black & white movies cuz as the class is named, we have to ‘appreciate movies‘. I like black & white movies XD And we’d be watching The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari yay:D And then we vote what movies we wanna watch in musical, crime & western genre… oh I suggested THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! Everyone voted for that so yeaaaaaaaahhhh I’d be doing the time warp in class whooo hoooo..!

Faculty briefing was eh… what can I say.. it’s the same thing every new semester.. Luckily Joe sat next to me and we just talked so I wasn’t bored to death. If not, I’d be alone all sleepy, tired and fucking bored. There was no one else I know in my course (we had to sit according to our major) there. And Joe was telling like funny stories and I was laughing so time went by quick.

Oh btw, I only have 2 subjects this semester. Here’s my timetable:

Monday (9am – 12pm) Film Appreciation ,   (2pm – 5pm) Animation 2
Tuesday : FREE!
Wednesday : FREE!
Thursday (2pm – 5pm) Animation 2
Friday (9am – 12pm) Film Appreciation

Less stress, only 2 subjects, 7 weeks.. :) No filming thank god. No group project thank god.

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Sem 4 is over!

Semester 4 is officially over!! I’m freeeee!…. for a week.
Oh huge burden has been lifted.

I submitted my last Animation 1 final assignment today.. thank god 3Ds Max finished rendering just in time… I was so scared I couldn’t make it.

My semester 4 went better than I expected. Sure, it has been stressful.. there was conflicts etc etc but that’s normal and there was nothing extreme.. and I didn’t whine as much as I did before, lol. Even Eddie agreed. Unfortunately this is the last semester for my lecturer Mr Eddie. Ya know, he’s the only lecturer that has seen the vulnerable side of me last semester? O.o I hope the new lecturer will be ok and won’t make my next semester a living hell. Next semester will be a short semester, and I’ll be taking only 2 subjects, FILM APPRECIATION and ANIMATION 2. Plus, Ramadhan month will start next week…argh college during fasting month would be torture!

So here’s what I think about semester 4.

Presentation Skills
At first, the thought of having a class with Ms Jenny is scary, lol. Honestly. Not saying she’s bad or scary or anything, just that I was scared I wouldn’t be able to make it through. I’ve never had class with her, and since I fucked up last semester, I’ve seen her super strict and scary side. I was scared I won’t be able to present good and she’d be disappointed or something. And the thought of having group presentation on most of presentations, and the fact that we have to change group members on each presentation is scary since the class has July batch students from all courses. But everything went ok. I was absent on couple of classes, so I hope that won’t affect my marks that much.

Black & White Photography
Ahhh one of the ‘fun’ classes. It was fun developing black and white pictures manually! I’ve always wondered how they develop photos and wanted to do learn it and I’ve finally experienced it myself. Last Monday, after the assessment, I went to develop the remaining photos I had.. only me and Ying were girls.. the rest were all guys. Omg. It was CHAOTIC lol. I was being bullied by the guys so bad, LOL. Good kind of bullying though. Especially Min and Nik and this guy whose name I’ve forgotten (sorry) I wanted to finish my photos as fast as possible and they keep delaying me, lol. They keep wanting me to teach them how to do them. Plus they keep teasing me and screaming my name for fun, lol. At least they amused me, and my stress was lessen a lot. I went back at 7.30 pm but then it started raining heavily. :( I couldn’t go home until 9 pm to do my script :( I had to wait at a kopitiam (restaurant). Luckily there was free wi-fi and I brought my laptop.

Video Production 1
Ahhh… the most stressful one. lol. This is the only class that started well with lots of students, but ended up having only few students at the end. My group was the most unfortunate. Started out with 8 members, one never showed up, down to 7… then one by one had to defer semester. :( Shooting was the most tiring. We should have gone with the soft drinks idea, because the jeans commercial is HARD. I’ll write in a new post on how my project went, plus I’ll post the advertisement that we did. But during the final assessment, it was a relief that they all liked the advertisement so it was well worth the stress and pain and shit.

This class started out less stressful at first, then quite free but stressful at the last minute.. but I had fun too creating my own movie script lol. I couldn’t submit on Tuesday because I was rushing to finish my photography, but I told Eddie I’d finish it and email him the soft copy by Tuesday night but unfortunately I could only manage to finish my script at 5 am :( I hope he won’t minus my mark. The next day it was tiring cuz I waited for Jackie to finish his script and print it…then me, him and Ito went to the shop to bind it…went here and there then back at college etc… went to college at 11 am and went back at 5 pm thus fucking up my plan to do animation.

Animation 1
I finally learned 3Ds Max! I’ve grown to love that software.. I want to master it but 3D is so complicated :( I’ve been torturing my brain for this subject, lol. I couldn’t finish my last project last night cuz I was soooooo friggin tired and my brain just wouldn’t work x.x I fell asleep and woke up at 11 am…I was rushing to finish the animation and shit and thank god it finished rendering before 5 pm. Didn’t turn out as I had planned it but it’s not so bad either. I’ll post the video later and pictures.

In fact, I’ll make new posts for each subjects and post my works. Um maybe I’ll finish my college blog and post it there.

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This was a few weeks ago… AUGUST 14TH 2008

Tuesday, well, in the morning, it was Black & White photography class.. we developed our 2nd roll of film :D So I was in the dark room with Jackie & Joe loading our films and stuff. Someone friggin turned on the light! Luckily my negative was not affected cuz Jackie hasn’t pulled it out yet.. fuhhhh. I would cry if the light ruined it! But negative turned out ok! :D Fuhhh…. I was sooooo scared it’d turn out like the first one…haha cuz I was so stupid. After class, went to lunch with kathy & Ka Mun…then went for video production 1 class.. there was no class actually. My group is having problems…blah… AND, Adura…has…to….defer…… semester…omg. First Nesh, then Halili…now her. Omg. And we only have 2 weeks left until the end of semester…argh. We’re lacking crew! Now only 4 of us. Other group has 7. Urgh. And we asked Farah to be our talent XD Hopefully she won’t disappoint us.

Wednesday (today)… scriptwriting class.. and there was no class, lol. I just hand in my first draft of script then I could go home..but I decided to stay to see how Ka Mun and Joe do their animation..haha was the best decision ever.. it was sooooo fucking hilarious! I remember when I had to do mine with Boy last semester… with all the stress, the crying, the bitching… staying up all night doing the silhouette animation with him… lol anyways..  I took some pictures of them… and like 15 minutes long video using my cellphone lol but I won’t post the video.

This is how you do a silhouette stop-motion animation. You cut the image from black sugar paper and put it on lightbox, with the camera on top, and you capture it. I like their scenery, plus the characters. They’re doing samurai and ninja.. haha Joe’s ninja is fucking hilarious.

I really like it @_@ really nice.i hated the cutting part though, lol.

And then capturing it in the imac.

I was there for 2 hours-ish and we never stopped laughing. Haha. It was soooo hilarious.. esp. when Joe were being silly, and talked with Japanese accent. We were laughing so much that he even rolled on the floor laughing, LOL. Ka Mun was animating a bird and the outcome was so funny, I was laughing till my stomach hurt. Hehe. I like silhouette animation. I’d do it again if I don’t have any other works to do because stop-motion animation is soooooooooo time consuming. It takes friggin long to do but it’s the most fun.

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Problematic Group

From JUNE 21ST 2008

I sense that semester 3 incident is about to repeat.
My group for my Video Production class is problematic. I’m not repeating my mistakes like last semester by naming and bitching about people behind their back openly in my blog to protect their privacy. I might blog about it in my livejournal privately if I feel like it.

But our group…blah… last presentation sucked donkey’s arse. Seriously. Everyone wasn’t serious about it and when Ms Jenny suddenly turned up during the presentation, boy, did that surprise us all. Plus, we misunderstood the assignment which made things worse. We wasn’t fully prepared either. That presentation made me upset for one night. It’s been hard trying to get everyone together. So far I’m the one doing the messaging to everyone asking this and that. Plus, almost everyone has been sick or still am sick. Blah. Hope the production stage won’t have too much problems. I seriously hope last semester’s incident won’t happen again :( It caused me too much emotional pain and academically screwed.

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