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Welcome to Excentrix.

Before I start writing my details, you’ve probably asked why I made this site. Well, it’s sort of a portfolio blog, where I can post all my works that I’ve done at college, or blog about anything that’s relating to college. It’s easier this way rather than mix college stuff and my normal blog. It’s easier to refer back too. Why the name Excentrix? It’s actually eccentric only with different spelling. If you don’t know the meaning of eccentric, go look up in the dictionary, lol.

Beside this being a blog about college, this will also be a photoblog because sometimes I like to take photos of stuff that I think is pretty, so I’ll post them here too.

So here’s my personal info, as simple as possible.

Name: Tany
Age: 24
College: SEGi University College, Kota Damansara
Major: Diploma in Video & Animation
Current Semester: 5
Intake: July 2007
Likes: Horror movies, Arts, Editing
Dislike: A lot…

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