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A Bout De Souffle

We watched A BOUT DE SOUFFLE / Breathless in class on Friday. I tried watching it twice the night before but I fell asleep both time. The movie is ok, it’s not that bad.. it’s just that it’s just full of looooooooong talk.

Then we learned about French New Wave. Most noticeable is the jump cuts that they use in the movie. I don’t really prefer it in movies as they don’t really make sense.. I do however like it if it’s used as an effect for music video or something. Spent too much time on the 2 questions though, one which is based on the text book and I can barely read the text book because it’s pages of nothing but text on cinema history.

I am however going to do extra assignment for the 5% extra credit. Now I have to choose a movie for the assignment.. hmm what movie could be interesting?

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