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Battleship Potemkin

Last Friday, we watched BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN in class… as usual, almost everyone hated the silent film, lol. Early that morning, I watched the movie and did a research for it so I’d be prepared for class and at first, I didn’t think I’d like the movie cuz it’s realated to battles, politics etc but turns out I liked it. It’s quite disturbing though, the part of Odessa Steps.. I don’t know, there’s something about it that disturbs me. Hated the ending though. I was like EH? Plus the choppy editing and Eisenstein’s belief in non-continuity makes the movie a bit confusing but I do like movie that is open for interpretation. So today in class we discussed Soviet Montage and felt like history class cuz we have to know about Tsar and the Tsarist regime and all. Same with before when we learn about German expressionism. My movie analysis score was 8/10 .. blah, a point lower than the first one for Dr. Caligari but Ms Shana did say I have the best interpretation of an image, lol. No comment.

I finally finished downloading LADRI DI BICICLETTE (The bicycle thief/thieves) which is supposed to be shown this friday in class.. wow… very touching and depressing movie :( I loved it though. You can see a very strong bond of father and son in it… and I love watching movies with realism, as in I could really see what Rome was like in the 1940’s and the environment of the post-war era. Heh, never thought I could be watching movements type movies and actually liking it. But next week is holiday (i hope for monday class too) so we’d be studying about Italian Neo-realism after Eid celebration. I’ve been wikipedia’ing about neo-realism and it’s much more interesting than soviet montage. Not sure how much I have to read up about WWII in Italy and the post-war story for exam… I hate studying, memorizing and written exams.. argh :(


Bourgeoisie – the rich
Proletariat – the poor

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