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Semester 4 Result!

I got my result!!

Okay.. I’m happy with it yet also disappointed, lol. Happy that I don’t have any ugly C’s..but unhappy that I didn’t get all A’s. Oh well, you can’t be too perfect XD But I did bounce back from my horrible near-fail experience in semester 3 :D Here’s my result:

Presentation Skills : B+
Black & White Photography : B-
Animation 1 : A
Video Production 1 : A-
Script Writing : A-

GPA: 3.48

OMG totally unexpected!

Presentation Skills – Okay, I was hoping for an A for this but I got B+ and Ms Jenny was giving me the result today and I was whining, asking her why she gave me only a B+ and she was like, I should be glad cuz she failed a lot of people..ack. At first she was scaring me when I reached the room, lol.. I thought I did bad and Ms Jenny reminded me that in semester 3 after all the troubles I had, I did promise them I’d bounce back and get at least a 3.50 GPA for the next semester so I was very disappointed I’m only 0.02 points away from getting that. :( :( Only 0.02 points away!! ARRRRGH

Black & White Photography – Hmm Mr Kelvin is extremely nice yet he’s the toughest to please lol Even for last semester, he gave most of us a B.. and he did it again this semester for me.  Oh well. Haha It was fun though doing all those developing black and white photos. I didn’t do well in printing the pics cuz I keep getting bugged by the guys haha.. plus I was rushing cuz I wanted to finish it before 8 PM.. I hate being at college after 6 pm cuz it’s spooky..

Animation 1 – So Mr Terry was right when he told me and Jackie we got A.. :D I was kinda expecting the A anyway cuz I worked so hard to research and do the final project which was the 3D commercial logo animation.. and my hard work has been paid off with that A :D What a relief!

Video Production 1UNEXPECTED! My group did not do well in the creative stage, hell, we didn’t have much to produce during the presentation unlike the other group. I still remember when Eddie said something like we pretty much fucked the presentation/creative stage and on the verge of failing AGAIN.. and our only chance to save us from failing is that we’d do extremely well during production and post-production.. from that point I pretty much said we’re fucked. I thought even if we do good in the final thing, we’d prolly get just B’s or C’s.. but I still worked my ass off just to save me from failing, so that was unexpected.. thanks Eddie XD I saw Andrea’s (she’s in the other group) result, and she got A- too for their redbull ad.

Script Writing – Even more UNEXPECTED! Okay, I did the best I could for this class. I never failed to produce anything Eddie asked us to show.. whether it’s the pitching, the treatment, the draft etc and I was doing well until the final submission day, lol. It’s because the night before I was doing developing photo you see until 8 pm, and I only reached home at 10 pm. Then the next day I had to cut those photos and mounting board and frame them. So I didn’t have time to do the script. So I asked Eddie if I could submit the next day.. he even asked what went wrong cuz I was doing fine before this lol So he gave me until midnight to email him the script or I’d lose marks.. but I procrastinated and stayed in college for my junior’s fundamental of direction final assessment cuz I wanted to see their film.. and I only started writing my script after midnight, after hours of fighting writer’s block lol My brain only works during the night. I finally finished it at 5 am, emailed it to him and later that day went with Jackie and Ito to bind the script and submitted it at 4 pm. Hehe. So the A- was unexpected.. plus I didn’t think I did good anyway, rushing the story and all…plus doing it after midnight and I was sleepy as hell lol. I thought I prolly wrote crap.

Sorry for the long story lol. After I got the result, Ka Mun and Yee Sing came to pick up their result and I ended up staying there and hanging out with them for a while whining and being annoying with our result lol. Ka Mun has so much pressure on her. She got 3.75 GPA and I was like extremely jealous at her but I found out she needs to maintain at least 3.70 GPA every semester or she’ll lose her scholarship. Wow. I could never handle that extreme pressure. Even my PTPTN loan needs just at least 2.0 GPA minimum every semester hehe.

Well overall, I”m still quite happy with my result. I did work extremely hard so yeah. Fuuhh. Just this semester and then I’m free for a 1 1/2 months.. yay..

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