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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

We watched THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI yesterday in class, lol. That was surprising, I thought we were gonna watch another movie. It was an interesting movie… pretty straightforward and at times quite confusing but hey, most of silent films are confusing… unfortunately, everyone was bored to death, lol. But we all had to keep watching cuz we have to write analysis at the end of movie. Apparently Jackie and Ito (not sure who else) thought I suggested that movie, lol. No, I suggested ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW which will be screened at the end of October. I wonder if I could control myself from doing the time warp.

After that we all went to this talk. A university is having a film making contest and I”m very interested to enter… so is Ito.. I suggested we send our Levi’s commercial, and maybe I”m gonna re-edit our DP reel and send it in.. we’ll see.. have to ask Esther and Haze if it’s ok. Would be great if they still have the footage.

Then I went to return my book that I borrowed from the library. You know, the librarian is such an ass? He promised he would not count one day, and then denied it yesterday.. we were arguing cuz I was sooooo pissed cuz I know I was right. It’s not the matter of money, it’s the matter of dignity cuz I KNOW I WAS RIGHT. I made him count the days again.. I said after independence day was a public holiday and oh noooo.. he said noooooo… he fucking denied it when 10 minutes later, after recounting and rechecking the calendar, he said “Oh Monday was a holiday”… so I said THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING! And you know what he said? “You said public holiday, not day off”… wtf? Isn’t that the same meaning????? I hate dealing with stupid people. At last he gave me 2 bucks off..making it RM24… fucking expensive. Sure, Segi University College has a policy of borrowing red tag book for a day but imagine this – that red tag book is 700 pages thick! How in the fucking hell can you read a book that thick in one day??? If you’re a day late, it’s 2 bucks fine…. WHAT THE FUCK. I understand the book needs to be at the library cuz it’s the only copy but my question is – ONLY ONE COPY? Isn’t it supposed to be a library? Why can’t they buy many copies so we can borrow and study it? That’s fucking stupid.

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