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I finally got around 2 hours-ish nap after I went back from college. Feels better now but I’m still tired. College went well today! My morning class is Film Appreciation with Miss Shana and she’s so cute with a really cute haircut and she seems nice so far. As usual, since the class combines video & animation students and mass comm students.. my intake plus other intakes (as in my juniors too) so it’s crowded. We just talked about the class, our fave movies and all.. I said my fave movie is Night of the Living Dead .. I have a lot but I just picked one lol I couldn’t even think of a fictional character that I like…urgh. And I said I recommend ppl to watch Motorama cuz it’s sort of a surreal movie like David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

We’re gonna be watching movies! But damn, we have lots to study and write, plus there’s written exam! Argh, my first written exam :( As someone put it, it’s a literature class minus the books plus the movies. It’s mostly gonna be old black & white movies cuz as the class is named, we have to ‘appreciate movies‘. I like black & white movies XD And we’d be watching The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari yay:D And then we vote what movies we wanna watch in musical, crime & western genre… oh I suggested THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! Everyone voted for that so yeaaaaaaaahhhh I’d be doing the time warp in class whooo hoooo..!

Faculty briefing was eh… what can I say.. it’s the same thing every new semester.. Luckily Joe sat next to me and we just talked so I wasn’t bored to death. If not, I’d be alone all sleepy, tired and fucking bored. There was no one else I know in my course (we had to sit according to our major) there. And Joe was telling like funny stories and I was laughing so time went by quick.

Oh btw, I only have 2 subjects this semester. Here’s my timetable:

Monday (9am – 12pm) Film Appreciation ,   (2pm – 5pm) Animation 2
Tuesday : FREE!
Wednesday : FREE!
Thursday (2pm – 5pm) Animation 2
Friday (9am – 12pm) Film Appreciation

Less stress, only 2 subjects, 7 weeks.. :) No filming thank god. No group project thank god.

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