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Sem 4 is over!

Semester 4 is officially over!! I’m freeeee!…. for a week.
Oh huge burden has been lifted.

I submitted my last Animation 1 final assignment today.. thank god 3Ds Max finished rendering just in time… I was so scared I couldn’t make it.

My semester 4 went better than I expected. Sure, it has been stressful.. there was conflicts etc etc but that’s normal and there was nothing extreme.. and I didn’t whine as much as I did before, lol. Even Eddie agreed. Unfortunately this is the last semester for my lecturer Mr Eddie. Ya know, he’s the only lecturer that has seen the vulnerable side of me last semester? O.o I hope the new lecturer will be ok and won’t make my next semester a living hell. Next semester will be a short semester, and I’ll be taking only 2 subjects, FILM APPRECIATION and ANIMATION 2. Plus, Ramadhan month will start next week…argh college during fasting month would be torture!

So here’s what I think about semester 4.

Presentation Skills
At first, the thought of having a class with Ms Jenny is scary, lol. Honestly. Not saying she’s bad or scary or anything, just that I was scared I wouldn’t be able to make it through. I’ve never had class with her, and since I fucked up last semester, I’ve seen her super strict and scary side. I was scared I won’t be able to present good and she’d be disappointed or something. And the thought of having group presentation on most of presentations, and the fact that we have to change group members on each presentation is scary since the class has July batch students from all courses. But everything went ok. I was absent on couple of classes, so I hope that won’t affect my marks that much.

Black & White Photography
Ahhh one of the ‘fun’ classes. It was fun developing black and white pictures manually! I’ve always wondered how they develop photos and wanted to do learn it and I’ve finally experienced it myself. Last Monday, after the assessment, I went to develop the remaining photos I had.. only me and Ying were girls.. the rest were all guys. Omg. It was CHAOTIC lol. I was being bullied by the guys so bad, LOL. Good kind of bullying though. Especially Min and Nik and this guy whose name I’ve forgotten (sorry) I wanted to finish my photos as fast as possible and they keep delaying me, lol. They keep wanting me to teach them how to do them. Plus they keep teasing me and screaming my name for fun, lol. At least they amused me, and my stress was lessen a lot. I went back at 7.30 pm but then it started raining heavily. :( I couldn’t go home until 9 pm to do my script :( I had to wait at a kopitiam (restaurant). Luckily there was free wi-fi and I brought my laptop.

Video Production 1
Ahhh… the most stressful one. lol. This is the only class that started well with lots of students, but ended up having only few students at the end. My group was the most unfortunate. Started out with 8 members, one never showed up, down to 7… then one by one had to defer semester. :( Shooting was the most tiring. We should have gone with the soft drinks idea, because the jeans commercial is HARD. I’ll write in a new post on how my project went, plus I’ll post the advertisement that we did. But during the final assessment, it was a relief that they all liked the advertisement so it was well worth the stress and pain and shit.

This class started out less stressful at first, then quite free but stressful at the last minute.. but I had fun too creating my own movie script lol. I couldn’t submit on Tuesday because I was rushing to finish my photography, but I told Eddie I’d finish it and email him the soft copy by Tuesday night but unfortunately I could only manage to finish my script at 5 am :( I hope he won’t minus my mark. The next day it was tiring cuz I waited for Jackie to finish his script and print it…then me, him and Ito went to the shop to bind it…went here and there then back at college etc… went to college at 11 am and went back at 5 pm thus fucking up my plan to do animation.

Animation 1
I finally learned 3Ds Max! I’ve grown to love that software.. I want to master it but 3D is so complicated :( I’ve been torturing my brain for this subject, lol. I couldn’t finish my last project last night cuz I was soooooo friggin tired and my brain just wouldn’t work x.x I fell asleep and woke up at 11 am…I was rushing to finish the animation and shit and thank god it finished rendering before 5 pm. Didn’t turn out as I had planned it but it’s not so bad either. I’ll post the video later and pictures.

In fact, I’ll make new posts for each subjects and post my works. Um maybe I’ll finish my college blog and post it there.

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I finally finished my script at 5 am. I suddenly had a flow of ideas for the story after midnight. My brain only works after midnight, hmph. I didn’t sleep at all, I rushed to print the script, fixing my printer etc and probably had only 10 minutes sleep before I went to the college. I agreed to go bind the script with Jackie so at 11 am I went to college, wanted to pick him up but he hasn’t finished his script. So stayed there, worked with him with his script etc We saw Mr Eddie and he said I sent my file at 8 am, lol. No I sent at 5 am, hehe.

Jackie and I went to a few shops but their printing service is damn expensive and Jackie didn’t want to spend 10 bucks for 20 pages script. We went back to college and he asked for Ms Chong’s help and he edited his script until like almost 3-ish. We saw Ito cuz he came to see Eddie to explain why he was missing during final assessment.  Then we all went to the stationary store to bind our scripts, and send it to Mr Eddie. Me and Jackie relaxed a bit and went back home.

Only 3D left.

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Script Due Day

In the morning I was rushing to finish my photography with mounting photos and stuff..I sms’d Mr Kelvin and all asking for extension until 12 pm..unfortunately at 12 pm, it was raining VERY HEAVILY. I managed to finish it BUT when I reached college, Ms Lin already went home ARGH. Luckily I found Joe at the dark room so he told me to put my photos in the room. Then I found Jackie and he was rushing to finish his script. We’re supposed to hand it in today before 5 but I couldn’t finish my script because I was doing the photography. So I decided to see Mr Eddie to ask (or beg) for an extension. So me and Jackie went to see him and he was like “What happened? You were doing so well?” meaning I never failed to finish whatever work he wanted to see in class like treatment or whatever but then I couldn’t finish the script? I explained I didn’t have enough time and begged and begged and he gave me an option to submit by tonight by emailing him the file or submit tomorrow and risk losing some marks, I chose NOT to lose marks of course lol. I promised him I’d email him the file before 12 am.

Then I found out it was assessment day for my juniors’ Fundamental of Directing class.. I decided to procrastinate and stay to watch their assessment, lol. Jackie was rushing to finish his script. Everyone did great with their film! I was impressed because they had no knowledge of editing or cinematography and all, but they did great. I especially like Aznita’s film because it was about the life of a toilet paper, lol.. it was so fucking hilarious..plus she combined stop motion animation too. And I guess she went to the US and filmed there too so that was cool.

I stayed around after that until like 6 pm, then only I went home but had writer’s block to continue my script. Argh.

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Video Production 1 Assessment

The final assessment week.

Today is the final assessment day for Video Production. I was rushing in the morning to finish my workbook and binding it, then rushing to college before 11 am only to find out Mr Eddie ‘changed’ the time for the assessment. It was supposed to be 11 am but somehow the time schedule is fucked so it’s 2 pm because that morning was the final assessment for Intro to Animation, and I stayed to watch Ka Mun’s and Joe’s cut out animation. So had few hours in college. The other group didn’t have workbook to produce O.o I tried calling Ito but he wasn’t picking up his phone, and we were panicking. And I had a bad feeling so I decided to check my advertisement after they’re done with the assessment. OMG. Ito did NOT finish the editing. I knew it. What was he thinking not finishing it when assessment is in Monday?

So at 12.30 pm, instead of going lunch I stayed there to finish editing.. panic rush mode. Luckily Ito finished with changing the color so I just had to edit the pace of the ad, and add credits and stuff. THANK GOD I finished editing like 5 minutes before the assessment. However, when I tried to view our file, it was gone! But I’ve already exported the ad, and it would play, so I was saved.

Assessment went well. They actually like the advertisement! The only comment was about the tagline which kinda didn’t suit the theme and they suggested we should show the product at the beginning of the ad. However Ito was still not present and we tried persuading them assessors to give Ito a chance because he’s the director, and it would be such a waste to fail him.

I wasn’t paying much attention to the other group cuz we were panicking about Ito.. glad it went well. After class, I stayed for couple of hours until around 4-ish when I had to develop my black and white photos. Nobody was there at first, gah. But luckily Ying wanted to print hers so I joined her. Later I was joined by the other guys. They were bullying me and omg, they were loud, lol. I did the developing until 7.30 pm and went to print some photos at the photo shop but then it started raining heavily. I stopped at a kopitiam (cafe) for a bit and got online and did a bit of my script. I reached home at 10 and passed out x.x

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Wednesday I went to college to submit part of my script then joined Ito & Jackie to edit our advertisement. I edited until like 5.30 pm and I wanted to edit more but Jackie was bugging me to go eat cuz he was friggin hungry, lol. Accompanied him until 6.30 pm then went back home.  The next morning, as in yesterday, it was raining heavily, FINALLY! So the weather was cool, lol… so nice to sleep in which I did. Went to class at 2 pm, thankfully Mr Terry extended the deadline for the final project. Learned about complex 3d human model (modeling it from scratch) until 5.30 pm. Then went to edit the advertisement again. Jackie wasn’t in the mood so I was editing alone until Ito came at about 6.30pm-ish.

We edited until 8.30 pm. By then Joe came to spend the night there doing his editing. I had to go back cuz I had to pickup my uncle XD If not I would have spent the night there. Then this morning, I woke up early and went to college at 9 am to do my photography but no one was in the fucking darkroom. Min called but he said he wanna do in the afternoon x.x Jackie then told me Ms Lin was busy so we’ll do on Monday. Luckily the guys were in the edit suite so I went to join them. Turned out Ito spent the whole night editing. Unfortunately, after an hour of editing, Final Cut Pro froze :( We had to redo it until 3.30pm when my mom called and asked me to send her to the bank.

I went back to college at 6 pm to do editing but no one was there.. poo :( So I went back home.

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DP Reel

And here’s the final project for Videography class… I’m actually not that satisfied with it compared to other videos, I should have done the editing together with Esther, and we should have shot the scenes Eddie suggested as sort of like ‘ending’ for it. We planned it but then we canceled it. I think our DP Reel is the shortest out of all. It’s not scary either, should have the scare factor and it lacks sound effects x.x There was a first draft that I saw that was sooo much better… Oh well.

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Silhouette Cut-Out Animation

Ahh this is the final project for Intro to Animation, the most painful one yet the most fun. Stayed in school the whole night to do this with Subrin.. and this final assignment nearly failed me when my group that I joined the last minute fucked up and we couldn’t produce anything during the final assessment. But I was quite happy with the outcome. This animation was even supposed to win something during the FOCAD showcase but eh…long story. Here it is!

It’s a silhouette cut out stop motion animation and has over 1000+ frames
Took us a total of 16 hours nonstop to animate from 6 pm until 10 am the next day.

PS: That’s all I can post for this subject. Other assignments include flipbook animation which I didn’t animate and cartoon drawings which I’m so stupid and forgot to take pics.

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Re-Cut Trailer

This is the final project for History of TV and Film class in Semester 3. It’s a re-cut trailer from the movie Poltergeist II which I turned it into a fantasy adventure family drama film, lol. The assessment went ok. It was just me, Jackie and Esther in the room O.o If I remember correctly it was Mr. Edward that was the guest assessor and he commented about the arrangement of clips, that’s all XD Here it is:

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Intro to Animation GIFs

Here I’d like to post my animations that I did in semester 3 for Intro to Animation class with Eddie Wong. I had to animate 5 images all in Adobe Photoshop. Plus of course, the basic bouncing ball with the squash and stretch principle. Mostly are drawn by me. They’re not that good, lol, but here are mine:

A christmas tree with blinking lights

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Last Presentation Skills

My last Presentation Skills class…   was a job interview presentation. My group was me, Az, Bryan, Shah and Kathy. Our ‘job’ that we’re supposed to be applying is “Adhesives Compartmentalist” lol. The job has something to do with cello tape that has been packed into sixes, and we have to rewrap them into two. lol. Interesting huh?

The 3rd group which is Sherra’s group has a job called “Blood Bank Packaging Clerk” or something..arrrrghhh that’s so my topic! The job requires you to stay up all night and be transferred to Transylvania, haha. That job is like perfect for me, argh if only my group is a turn too late, I could have done a better presentation cuz come on, I like vampires, I like blood, I’m a night owl/vampire and I like Transylvania! Oh well.

Presentation skills class was easy… I kinda like impromptu presentations better cuz you don’t have to prepare anything.

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